Gove Restoration

Interior and Exterior Painting

Scraped the old paint off this house and applied a great bonding primer. We used Mad Dog elastic bonding primer to ensure a long-lasting paint job. We top coated with two coats of Benjamin Moore latex house paint. Read more >

We were hired to paint this historic home. We used carbide scrapers to remove the old loose and flaking paint. This home had been re-shingled back in the 80s/90s and the shingles needed to be reconditioned. We used Mad Dog elastic bonding primer to ensure that we got a nice solid base coat. We then coated the house with Benjamin Moore latex house paint. Read more >

Repainted this nice Cape Cod style home. We used a latex bonding primer that when applied, creates a skin over the entire home. This should help to make the paint job last longer. Read more >

We were hired to remove wall paper from this 1800s home. As you can imagine, the plaster walls were in very rough shape. Plaster from that era was never really meant to be painted so a great deal of work was required so that the walls could be painted. Cracks covered every wall. In the home office, the plaster was so bad that we needed to remove entire sections of plaster before our restoration began. All of the original trim stayed attached to the walls and was protected so that we could keep the character of it throughout the house. We used a special mesh coating on most of the wall surfaces throughout the house and skim coated each wall a minimum of 4 times. The final coat was sanded smoothly and paint was applied. The entire house had sheetrock overlays installed on every ceiling. We painted the ceilings, walls, and all trim throughout the house. The final product was spectacular. In the kitchen, there was a dip in the ceiling so we removed the sheetrock to see what was causing the issue. What we found was scary. The previous contractor had done some plumbing work improperly and cut many of the ceiling joists above to run the plumbing drains. The sag was from the joists that had started to buckle and sag from the weight of the two bathrooms above. We needed to re-frame the entire kitchen ceiling and custom cut and scribe each individual joist to conform to the floor above. All of the window weights along with the broken window panes for the original windows were repaired where necessary. We used antique wavy glass for the repairs. The original heart pine floors were sanded and refinished as well. Read more >

This was a great fall project for us. We were able to bring this house back to it's original look from when it was first built. The owners wanted to remove the vinyl siding that was covering up the original cedar clapboards on the house. In order to side the house, the previous contractor had to destroy all of the drip caps over the windows, the water table drip cap, many of the clapboards, and a lot of the original trim. Once the siding was removed, we had to go through and redo all of the damaged moulding and repair all of the damaged clapboard. Approximately 1800 feet of clapboard was replaced and we also reused much of the original clapboard where we could. The house was chemically stripped of the paint and we washed down the clapboard, primed it with an oil primer, and painted it with a very nice gray/blue finish paint. We also replaced the front storm door with a new Cypress door which will last much longer than the previous pine door and we installed some matching windows on the rear of the house. Read more >

We gave this aluminum sided house a fresh coat of paint. The original yellow color was significantly faded so we washed the house to remove any chalking and applied two coats of latex paint to the exterior. The homeowner chose a fantastic blue color scheme for the house. We also installed a new front door and storm door. Read more >

We were hired to scrape the old loose and flaking paint off of this museum and apply our three coat paint system which includes an elastic bonding primer. The result was beautiful! Read more >

We were chosen to complete a full exterior restoration of this beautiful home. The restoration included removing all of the paint from the clapboards on the building, repairing clapboard and trim where necessary, and painting the exterior. After removing the paint, we washed the building and completed a full paint prep on the house which included caulking, hole filling, and sanding of the clapboards. We then applied a penetrating primer to the clapboards and top coated them with latex paint. The finished product is spectacular! Read more >

All done! A full color change from gray to this beautiful blue! Don't you just love the accent colors on this?! What a great project. We completed a tremendous amount of carpentry on this home and repaired all of the built-in gutters. After correcting the carpentry and addressing areas of water penetration, we gave this home our full work up; a thorough scrape, wash, coat of elastic bonding primer, caulk and hole filler prep, and two top coats of finish paint! We also repaired some built-in gutters that were leaking! Read more >

Complete!! What a transformation! We completed a large-scale painting and carpentry project on this beautiful home. First, we went over the entire home to replace rotted wood trim and clapboards. We custom made trim and installed it where needed. Then, we scraped all of the loose and flaking paint off, primed it with Mad Dog elastic bonding primer, and top coated everything with two coats of Benjamin Moore latex paint. Read more >

We scraped the loose and flaking paint off of this house. After washing the house, we applied Mad Dog bonding primer which helps extend the life of the paint job. The homeowners selected a really beautiful color scheme which helped this house really pop! Read more >

We had the opportunity to paint this beautiful historic home near the Wethersfield Cove. Homeowner chose a reverse paint scheme on part of the house. The result was gorgeous! Read more >

Repainted this 1920s craftsman style home with a three paint color scheme Read more >

These plaster walls had countless hairline fractures and cracks all over. We completely resurfaced the walls with a special material that prevents the cracks from spreading. Once completed, the walls look brand new. We also painted all of the crown moulding, window and door trim, walls, and ceiling. We also stripped the original oak railing, newel post, and balusters free of the original varnish. After we got down to the bare wood, we gave the wood a light sand and coated it with a fresh coat of Zar stain. Three total coats of oil polyurethane were then added to finish of the reconditioning of the wood. All stair treads and flooring in the room were refinished with a hybrid finish - Two base coats of oil polyurethane and two top coats of latex polyurethane. Read more >

We repaired all cracks and imperfections in the plaster walls. We used a special process to restore the plaster in the master bedroom. All crown moulding, window and door trim, and baseboard moulding was painted with oil based paint. The walls were painted with Benjamin Moore Aura finish wall paint. Read more >

This house has aluminum siding and trim wrapping. We washed the house to remove the chalking from the aluminum siding. We then top coated the house with latex paint and a special bonding agent. The house went from all white to light tan with dark tan trim and red window trim. Read more >

Patched walls and repaired cracks before painting the ceiling, all trim, and walls. Read more >

In 2010 we completed an exterior restoration of the Joseph Webb House in Old Wethersfield. The paint was chemically removed from the entire main house and a large amount of clapboards were replaced. Spruce clapboards were used along with Benjamin Moore paint. We painted and re-installed the shutters to bring the house back to how it looked in the 1800s. Read more >

Power washed house and fence to remove mildew. Repaired rotted clapboard where necessary. Painted the house, windows, and picket fence. Rebuilt the rotted hatchway door to match the coffin doors on the front and side of the house. Refinished the coffin doors by using a chemical stripper to remove the old lacquer. Once the original wood was exposed, we sanded the wood and used a brightener to enhance the color of the doors. The doors were then finished with a clear sealant. These front coffin doors have been featured by various artists in greeting cards and posters throughout the state. Read more >

Painted the house along with completing stripping and refinishing the rear deck. Read more >

Stripped one side of the house shingles completely off and re-installed new cedar shingles. Painted the entire home. Read more >